SCANIA SDP3 SOPS file editor decryption / encryption


Using our SCANIA sops file decryption/encryption software , you can easy decrypt
SOPS file , make parameters modifications , decrypt it and write to SCANIA truck using VCI2
and SDP3 software.
SOPS file is created by SDP3 software (using VCI2 interface) , by reading informations from SCANIA truck.

Using this software you can modify over 500parameters like : disable AdBlue system ,
disable power limitations (over 2007year) , EGR, NOx, disable IMMOBILISER , disable torque reduction NOxcontrol,
change VIN number ect.....
see whole list
Adobe Reader X required to see .pdf file


• decrypt SOPS file to XML format
• modify XML file with any XML editor
• enable/disable parameters, for example:
NOx Control, AdBlue, enable / disable Immobiliser , change chassis number, VIN number ,
disable LAS (lockand and alarm system) , Torque reduction NOx control
• encrypt modified XML file to SOPS file
• upload SOPS file to truck
• support Windows XP/Vista/7

you will receive:
- SCANIA SDP3 SOPS file editor decryption / encryption
- .pdf file with all parameters description
- XML editor software
- instruction how to use it

downoad XMLEditor package to check how it works


 Price: 500 Euro